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INEX 1050 IT-M1050VA
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Description : INEX 1050 IT-M1050VA
Price :
105$ 399,000 UGX
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Additional Information
Model: 1050VA/700W (3 steps of AVR, CPU controlled)
Display: LED Indicator
Input voltage range: 145-290Vac
Output voltage range: 200-255+/-5Vac
Output frequency: 500.5Hz (DC Mode)
500.5Hz (DC Mode): PWM (DC Mode)
Transfer time: ≦10ms
Capacity: 12V9Ah
quantity of battery: 1pcs
Charging period: 10-16 hours
Backup time: 3-2 minutes(1PC+15 inch CRT)
Silence setup: Yes
Automatic charging: yes
Overload: yes
Short circuit protec: yes
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